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Monday, 24 June 2013 22:34

Use the element Properties view to access attributes, operations, and set links via its shortcuts

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The "Properties" view can be used to review or update a number of properties for an element, such as a class, interface, use case, actor... that has been selected from the current diagram or the Project Browser. These properties include the name, alias, stereotype, etc.

This view also gives you access to a number of shortcuts from the toolbar:

Sparx Enterprise Architect Properties shortcuts view

These shortcuts or icons makes it possible to access directly the element's operations via the icon, or its attributes via the icon.

A "set parents" icon can be useful in creating on the fly an inheritance generalization link with a super-class, or an implementation / realization link with an interface :

The following example illustrates the process of creating the following links from a Client class via the 'set parents' shortcut from the Properties view :

  • generalization link with the Person class
  • realization link with the clientInterface interface

sparx enterprise architect set parents and implements