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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 00:00

First official release of eaUtils 1.10 available

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eaUtils addin Sparx Enterprise Architect 1.10

The first official release of eaUtils 1.10 addin for Sparx Enterprise Architect is available!

This free add-in provides a number of features to help in the daily use of Sparx Enterprise Architect. The current version includes features to sort elements from EA Project Browser, generate elements alias with reference values according to their order in a diagram, and generate a "breadcrumb trail navigation" on a diagram.

eaUtils demonstrates how Sparx EA API enables customisation or achieving new features via add-ins, scripts, MDG, and UML profiles.

If you have any need related to the implementation an add-in for Enterprise Architect, please feel free to contact me via email (guillaume[at] 

16/12/2015 - version 1.10 (release 1511-7)

  • Sort elements from a selected package or composite element...
    • by Alias
    • by the Tagged Value “BrowserOrder”
    • by Stereotype
    • by Name
  • Apply the default sorting order on a selected package or element
  • Sorting feature settings: enable case sensitive and extract integer from string values
  • Sort a package elements by the order displayed from top to bottom, or from left to right, on a diagram selected from the project browser (optional: ignore external elements)
  • Generate elements alias values according to their order in a diagram (top to bottom, or left to right)
  • Generate the breadcrumb trail on a diagram selected from the project browser
  • Update eaUtils settings
  • Check for update
  • About eaUtils dialog window
  • Open the online help section

eaUtils 1.10 is available to download from