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Thursday, 07 November 2019 07:22

Add children parts on a SysML Internal Block Diagram with Enterprise Architect

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sparxsystems-enterprise-architect-sysml internal block diagram ibd

This is a short tutorial to add a part's child on a SysML Internal Block Diagram with Enterprise Architect modelling tool. It uses the current version 15 of Enterprise Architect (EA), however the same process should apply with version 14.

Initial context: the following Block Definition Diagram (bdd) illustrates our main system breakdown structure.


The following Main System Internal Block Diagram (ibd) has been created using EA "Synchronize Structural Elements".


The aim is to show SystemC block part under SystemA block part:

  • Select the unnamed "SystemA" block part in the diagram.
  • Right click and select Features > Parts/Properties.
  • The features view is displayed:


  • The Show Owned/Inherited option is enabled so that the children part is available to add to the ibd.
  • Checking the block's part will add it on the active diagram however it is recommended before that step the resize the parent part (" : SystemA").
  • Result: