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Thursday, 12 December 2019 05:34

Enterprise Architect 15.1 beta

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enterprise architect 15.1 beta sparxsystems

Sparx Systems has released the first beta version of Enterprise Architect 15.1 (build 1521).

As listed on the release page (, it provides a number of interesting new features and enhancements.

  • Diagram Layers: new feature to group elements by layers and manage them separately (view/hide, etc.).

diagram layers enterprise architect 15.1 beta

  • Multi-Language Support can be enabled on elements notes and titles, with a manual or automatic translation(with Google or Microsoft services). The document generation tool provides an option to select the target language.

multi language support enterprise architect 15.1 beta

enterprise architect 15.1 beta translated notes

  • Composite Diagram Preview: a composite element has a new shortcut (eye icon or ‘\’ keyboard shortcut) to open the diagram in a popup window.

enterprise architect 15.1 beta composite diagram preview

  • Native XML Project Transfer: the traditional Project Transfer feature is a useful way to copy and replace the entire source project to a target project (file or DBMS). The “Native XML” version is a handy way to generate an XML file when the source and target projects are not available from the same location.
    • The typical usage would be to run a full backup from an onsite environment and restore it onto a local, backup or test environment.
    • This new feature is compatible with local EA files (EAP, EAPx), DMBS, but also from a Cloud Server (url).

enterprise architect 15.1 native project transfer

  • Custom metamodel constraints improved.
  • ArchiMate 3.1 support: ValueStream element type, Application Structure view.