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Tuesday, 22 June 2021 14:26

Find in All Diagrams connector support with eaUtils 1.19.7

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eaUtils 1.19.7 Find in all diagrams connecteurs

eaUtils 1.19.7 introduces the support of connectors in its enhanced version of Enterprise Architect Find in All Diagrams.

When defining a UML Profile within an MDG Technology, I had to search the diagrams where a selected connector was visible. Yet running the Find in All Diagrams on the source or target element did not provide precise enough information. Hence the idea to add the connectors supports on eaUtils Find in All Diagrams.

In the example below, the search is executed on the selected dependency link (right click > Specialize > eaUtils > [Diagram] Find in all Diagrams or Alt + U keyboard shortcut): 

connector find in all diagrams example sparx enterprise architect

Result: diagrams where this link is visible are displayed. If the link is hidden on a diagram, it won't be included in this list.

connector find in all diagrams result example sparx enterprise architect

The full help section of eaUtils Find in all Diagrams is available here.

The latest version of eaUtils can be downloaded here: