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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 06:02

eaUtils 1.17: find image assets and flows in diagrams, keyboard shortcuts support

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eaUtils addin for sparxsystems enterprise architect 1.17

eaUtils 1.17.2 has been released with the following enhancements:

  • Keyboard shortcut option.
  • Find in All Diagrams supports image assets and information flows.

Download link:

Keyboard shortcuts

eaUtils keyboard shortcuts have been implemented to easily run its features. Since Enterprise Architect doesn't yet support a reserved list of shortcuts for add-ins, this feature has been made optional should any conflict with EA or another third-party add-in occurs.

A single keyboard shortcut is currently available: Alt + U for Find in All Diagrams (close to Enterprise Architect equivalent: Ctrl + U).

Find in All diagrams with Image Assets

Image Assets have been introduced with Enterprise Architect 13 as an alternative to the built-in image library. EA has a great rendering support of images (compared with some other modelling tools). When you add an image to your repository, it is by default created in the image library. When a repository contains numerous images, it can sometimes be difficult to manage them. Image Assets provide an alternative to use image as model elements within EA Project Browser. As a result you can easily organize them by packages.

Image Assets can be added on a diagram, however this is not the recommended usage. Instead boundary elements should be used as summarized here:

  • Create an image or boundary from the Common toolbox on the diagram.
  • Right click and select Appearance > Select Image Asset as Alternate Image.
  • Select the image asset element to link.
  • Result: the image is displayed and linked with this boundary element.

The following diagram illustrates a boundary element and an image asset on a diagram.

image asset sparx enterprise architect addin find in all diagrams

Running Sparx Find in All Diagrams on the Image Asset element only generates usage results for the element itself (added as a Link). eaUtils Find in all Diagrams supports boundary elements linked with Image Assets. The linked Image Asset used on diagrams is identified with Usage Type = Image Asset.


An Image Asset usage in diagrams is identified with Usage Type = Link. The associated boundary elements on diagrams is identified with Usage Type = Boundary (image). A double click on a Boundary row opens the diagram and select this image boundary.


Below is a video demonstration on UMLChannel Youtube channel.

eautils find in all diagrams image asset demonstration video

Find in All diagrams with Information Flows

Using Information Flows between elements such as Components is a useful feature in EA (see the illustration below).


Finding all diagrams with the information flow where a class, data object, or data type is conveyed is now possible with eaUtils. Example: the following results are available for a class that is used/conveyed between UML components. Double clicking on a row will open the diagram and select the connector


Below is a video demonstration on UMLChannel Youtube channel.

eautils find in all diagrams information flow demonstration video