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eaUtils addin Generate Alias values on model elements

This is the second review of the newly released eaUtils addin for Sparx Enterprise Architect, following the breadcrumb trail feature review. The covered eaUtils feature aims at generating alias values on elements in a diagram, according to their position from top to bottom, or from left to right. eaUtils also provides an option to clear the alias from all package elements displayed in a diagram.

eaUtils help section examples have been re-used here.

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eautils fil d'ariane breadcrumb trail navigation pour Sparx Enterprise Architect

Navigating between a large number of opened diagrams within a Sparx Enterprise Architect modelling project can be cumbersome. When a composite element such as an activity, use case, or BPMN2 subprocess is opened, going back to the initial diagram is not easily supported in Sparx EA. This issue is not only valid when one uses Sparx EA tool, but also when an HTML export is used via a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, IE).

A workaround involves creating a diagram hyperlink back to each associated or linking diagram; eaUtils addin provides a Breadcrumb Trail feature that automatically generates all possible hyperlinks within an active diagram.

In the example below, a BPMN2 process has been defined via a composite BPMN diagram:

eautils addin sparx ea breadcrumb trail evaluation

This article illustrates the use of eaUtils Breadcrumb trail feature to generate a link back. Note: this feature makes even more sense when multiple hyperlinks are created, so the user doesn't have to look up for each linking diagrams.

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